Knowledge Bases

Empower Your Customers

Building a good knowledge base for your customers is a prerequisite to increase your retention and reduce churn.

It’s not ALL of the solution – you still need to hire the right people, give them the right equipment and tools, and ensure they have the autonomy to help customers effectively. However, a knowledge base is still an absolute essential.

Self-service allows your customers to find the support they need, when they need it.

The setup, structure, and style of your knowledge base and the articles you write will greatly effect how usable it is – Cognizense can help.

From customization and template setup to development of article sets – we can make sure your Knowledge Base doesn’t let you down.


Engage & Educate

Good eLearning can give you a huge return on your training budget investment.

Bad eLearning on the other hand, is simply not used, or learner retention is so poor that other training methods are required afterwards anyway.

Times have moved on from ‘page turner’ powerpoint style lessons.

A good eLearning solution takes into account your project goals, budget, audience, infrastructure and resources, and provides a focussed and engaging solution.

This is what we are very good at.

Take a look at our portfolio examples or get in touch for an initial chat.

Content Creation

Content to Inspire

Technical content writing spans a number of areas. Marketing, technical documentation, and training can all benefit from professional writing that engages the user and explains complex concepts clearly and and in easy to understand terms.

Our niche areas of expertise include software products, SaaS, enterprise technology & ERP systems, cloud computing, Aviation, and eCommerce.

Cognizense delivers precisely researched, beautifully written and highly targeted content for your business.

Custom Training Development

Training Programs that Deliver

Learning and development’s impact on the success of your organization can be significant.
You can be assured your corporate training programs will be successful when you have the right training development partner.
Cognizense has years of experience helping customers achieve success with quality instructional design and custom training development.
We make sure you get it right, by conducting a thorough needs analysis and mapping – we work with you to design and deliver the best solution for your audience and your budget.
Knowledge made Simple.

Take Your Training To New Heights With Cognizense